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  Bible Doctrines (PDF - 19 MB) - Click below for individual topics...
  The Truth About Bible Doctrine (Single PDF - 36 MB) - Click on links below for individual topics...
  A Panorama of Prophecy (PDF - 52 MB) - In Spanish (34 MB) - In French (3.2 MB)
  1. The Rapture of the Church: The Believer's Fondest Hope
  2. The Judgment Seat of Christ: The Christian's Finest Hour
  3. The Tribulation: The World's Fierce Holocaust
  4. The Battle of God and Magog: Russia's Final Demise
  5. The Second Advent of Christ: Prophecy's Foremost Event
  6. The Millennial Kingdom: Earth's Future Beauty
  7. America's Future: Our Country's Felicitous Destiny
  Biblical Interpretation (Hermeneutics): Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth (PDF - 6 MB)
  • The Benefits of Biblical Interpretation: What Will Biblical Interpretation Do for Me?
  • The Prerequisites for Biblical Interpretation: What Does It Really Take to Be an Interpreter?
  • The History of Interpretation: How Can We Avoid Past Mistakes?
  • Contemporary Controversies: How Do We Know Which View Is Right?
  • A Few Basic Steps to Follow: Which Principles Are Commonly Ignored?
  • Biblical Promises: Is Every Promise in the Book Mine?
  • Basic Rules for Interpretation: How Can We Be Sure of What God Has Revealed?
  Contemporary Ethical Issues - Volume 1 (PDF - 21 MB) - Click below for individual topics...
  1. Truth: Honesty - the Best Policy or Only Policy?
  2. Work: A Pleasure of Paradise or a Curse of Civilization?
  3. Capital Punishment: Barbaric or Biblical?
  4. Giving: The Problem of Priorities and Percentages
  5. Ecology: Nature's Use and Abuse
  6. Alcohol: Token Moderation or Total Abstinence?
  7. War: Ungodly or Unavoidable?
  8. Abortion: Woman's Choice or Wicked Carnage?
  9. Prayer: Do Mechanics Matter?
  10. Worship: Spiritual Exercise or Selfish Extravaganza?
  Contemporary Ethical Issues - Volume 2 (PDF - 19 MB) - Click below for individual topics...
  1. The Biblical Basis for Ethical Conduct
  2. TV: Monster, Master or Modern Marvel?
  3. Gambling: Innocuous, Indifferent or Immoral?
  4. Pornography: Diversion or Depravity?
  5. Drugs: Harmful Habit or Harmless High?
  6. Homosexuality: Degeneracy, Debility or Disease?
  7. Civic Responsbility: Is It Carn to Consort with Caesar?
  8. Music: Praising the Savior or Pleasing Self?
  9. Modern Movies: Marvelous Medium or Moral Menace?
  10. The Cremation Confusion: Permissible or Pagan?
  Important Issues Facing Fundamentalists (PDF - 11 MB)  
  • Inerrancy: Bloody Battlefield or Biblical Booby-trap?
  • Spiritual Gifts: Essential, Expedient, or Extra-Biblical?
  • Separation: A Fundamentalist Folly or Divine Duty?
  • Theological Thievery: Efforts to Rob Believers of the Rapture
  • Sign of the Times: Sensationalism, Speculation and Sanity in the Last Days
  • Lordship Salvation: A Forgotten Truth or a False Doctrine?
  • Eternal Security: A Definite Doctrine or a Dreadful Delusion?
  • Infant Salvation: Biblical Basis or Sentimental Supposition?
  • The Literalness of Hell: Scriptural Support in Light of Dangerous Denials
  • God's Hand in History: The Untold Story of the Unraveling of the Iron Curtain
  Hermeneutical Help on Thorny Theological Issues (Entire Manual - PDF - 14 MB) - Click below for individual topics...
  Jude and the Apostates (PDF - 13 MB)  
  • The Present Danger
  • The Divine Solution: The Epistle of Jude
  • Preliminary Considerations
  • The Sincere Concern Over the Apostates (1-4)
  • The Scripture Cases of Apostasy (5-7)
  • The Summary Castigation of the Apostates (8-10)
  • The Sordid Characteristics of the Apostates (11-16)
  • The Saintly Conduct Toward Apostasy (17-23)
  • A Strong Confidence Amidst Apostasy (24-25)

Psalms of Prophecy, Praise and Protection (PDF - 22 MB) - Click below for individual chapters...

  Spiritual Lessons from Scriptural Landscapes (PDF - 8 MB)  
  • Mount Hermon: Startling Witness to the Suffering Messiah and His Kingdom
  • The Mount of Beatitudes: The Most Misunderstood Message from the Lips of the Lord
  • The Mount of Olives: The Scene of the Climax of World History
  • The Dead Sea: Its Mysterious Past
  • The Dead Sea: Its Magnificent Future
  • The Sea of Galilee: Marvelous Miracles Around the Lord's Own Lake
  • The Sea of Galilee: Amazing Archeological Discoveries Along Its Shores
  The Sovereign's Faithfulness Despite the Sinner's Frailty: Joyful News from the Weeping Prophet, Jeremiah (10 MB)
  • The Faithful Prophet Confronts the False Prophet (Jeremiah 28:1-26)
  • An Extraordinary Epistle With Words of Warning (Jeremiah 29:1-32)
  • Jehovah’s Triumph Despite Israel's Troubles (Jeremiah 30:1-18)
  • What lsrael Should Know About Her Future (Jeremiah 30:18-24)
  • What We ShouId Know About lsrael's Future
  • Jehovah's Just Judgment of the Jews
  • Important Inferences from Inspired Incidents
  • Jehovah's Eternal Love for His People (Jeremiah 31:1-26)
  • Jehovah's Eternal Covenant with His Earthly People (Jeremiah 31: 27-40)
  • The Capital of the Millennial Monarch: Jerusalem in History and Prophecy
  • Trust in God Amid Trials (Jeremiah 32:1-25)
  • Israel's Glorious Future After a Gloomy Past (Jeremiah 32:26-44)
  • Extraordinary Events in Messiah's Millennium (Jeremiah 33:1-13)
  • The Prince of Peace and the Davidic Dynasty (Jeremiah 33:14-26)
  • Lessons for Those Leaving the Lord (Jeremiah 34)
  A Theology of the Gospel of Luke (Kober Doctoral Dissertation) (PDF - 1 MB - 239 pages)
  • Introduction
  • Preliminary Considerations of Luke's Gospel
  • Contemporary Approaches to Lucan Theology
  • Special Emphases of Luke's Gospel
  • The Lucan Portrait of the Person of the Son of Man
  • The Lucan Picture of the Work of the Son of Man
  • The Lucan Primacy of the Holy Spirit
  • The Lucan Preeminence of Spirit Beings
  • The Lucan Perspective on Ethics
  • The Lucan Panorama of the Future
  • Conclusion
  Troublesome Trends and Timeless Truths (PDF - 14 MB)  
  • Theological Thievery: Who Is Trying to Steal the Blessed Hope?
  • Lordship Salvation: Forgtten Truth or False Doctrine?
  • John MacArthur: Why Are Some of Us So Concerned?
  • Theology in Germany: What Has Gone Wrong in the Land of the Reformation?
  • The Sermon on the Mount: Law, Grace, or Kingdom?
  • The Dangers of Date Setting: Why Is Date Setting an Affront to God?
  • The Destiny of America: Will We Survive Until the Rapture?
  • Progressive Dispensationalism: Has Traditional Dispensationalism Really Been Superseded?
  • Captial Punishment: Biblical Precept or Barbaric Practice?
  • God's Hand in History: The Untold Story of the Collapse of Communism

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