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Hermann Wolf: The Untold Story of an Uncommon Saint A transcription of Dr. Kober's presentation on his godly grandfather, who during the end of WWII hid Jews in his home (in which Manfred lived) .
The Age of the Earth and the Antiquity of Man: Reconsidering the Creation Account of Genesis 1:1-3
The Epilogue of Job (Job 42:10-17): An Exposition A detailed exposition of the final verses of the Book of Job detailing the five-fold blessing of Job, "where Job, magnificently vindicated, finds his destiny accomplished."
An Irresistible Invitation:
A Grammatical Exegesis of Isaiah 55:1-7
"It is impossible to conceive of a language more universal than this and while this stands in the Bible, the invitation may be made to all, and should by made to all, and must by made to all."
The Stuff Prophets Are Made Of: Amos and Amaziah A transcription of Dr. Kober's message from the text of Amos 7:10-17 presented at the 1974 Bible Conference at Faith Baptist Bible College.
Christians Living Under a Hostile Government (Central Seminary - 2024 MacDonald Lectures in Bible & Theology)

Session I: The Good Hand of God ( Video | Notes )
Session II: The Untold STory of an Uncommon Saint ( Video | Notes )
Session III: Suffering Saints in Communist Countries ( Video | Notes )
Session IV: God's Providence in the Collapse of Communism ( Video | Notes )

Crucial Issues in Salvation: Sovereignty, Election, and Atonement
  1. The Believer's Praise for Divine Redemption
  2. Divine Election or Human Effort?
  3. The Case for Unlimited Atonement
  The Miracle of Christmas (PDF - 267 MB)  
  1. Mary: Her Magnificat and Meditations
  2. Joseph: The Forgotten Person in the Christmas Story
  3. The Adoring Angels and the Incarnate Savior
  4. The Shepherds in Search of a Savior
  5. The Star of Bethlehem: Its Mystery, Magic and Message
  6. Intriguing Bethlehem as Immanuel's Birthplace
  7. The Mysterious Magi: Sages in Search of a Sovereign
  8. Herod: Monarch, Master Builder and Human Monster
  9. The Extraordinary Expectations of Saintly Simeon
  10. Balaam and the Babe of Bethlehem
  11. Anna: Senior Saint and Extraordinary Evangelist
  12. Isaiah and the Infant Immanuel
  13. What Christmas Meant to Christ
  14. Paul and the Birth of Jesus
  15. Micah's Amazing Prophecy, Micah 5:2
  16. The Seeking Sages and Scholarly Scribes: A Study in Contrast
  17. John the Baptist and Jesus Christ
  18. The Heavenly Hosts and the Humble Shepherds
  19. The Seven Miracles of Christmas
Psalms of Prophecy, Praise and Protection (PDF - 22 MB) - Click below for individual sermons...
Studies in Jeremiah: The Sovereign's Faithfulness Despite the Sinner's Frailty: Joyful News from the Weeping Prophet (10 MB)
  • The Faithful Prophet Confronts the False Prophet (Jeremiah 28:1-26)
  • An Extraordinary Epistle With Words of Warning (Jeremiah 29:1-32)
  • Jehovah’s Triumph Despite Israel's Troubles (Jeremiah 30:1-18)
  • What lsrael Should Know About Her Future (Jeremiah 30:18-24)
  • What We ShouId Know About lsrael's Future
  • Jehovah's Just Judgment of the Jews
  • Important Inferences from Inspired Incidents
  • Jehovah's Eternal Love for His People (Jeremiah 31:1-26)
  • Jehovah's Eternal Covenant with His Earthly People (Jeremiah 31: 27-40)
  • The Capital of the Millennial Monarch: Jerusalem in History and Prophecy
  • Trust in God Amid Trials (Jeremiah 32:1-25)
  • Israel's Glorious Future After a Gloomy Past (Jeremiah 32:26-44)
  • Extraordinary Events in Messiah's Millennium (Jeremiah 33:1-13)
  • The Prince of Peace and the Davidic Dynasty (Jeremiah 33:14-26)
  • Lessons for Those Leaving the Lord (Jeremiah 34)
Paul's Guide to Godliness: Extraordinary Gems from Ephesians (6.3 MB) - Click below for individual sermons...
  1. Introduction: Paul's Guide to Godliness
  2. Realizing Our Exalted Privileges: Paul's Prayer for Spiritual Illumination (Eph 1:15-23)
  3. Remembering Our Hopeless Past: God's Action in Behalf of the Sinner (Eph 2:1-10)
  4. Recognizing Our Spiritual Gifts: Diversity in Unity in the Body of Christ (Eph 4:7-16)
  5. Refraining From Ungodly Practices: Conformity to Christ (Eph 4:23--5:10)
  6. Responding to the Control of the Spirit: Conduct in Wisdom (Eph 5:18-21)
  7. Rejoicing in Future Rewards: The Conduct of Servants and Masters and Their Compensation (Eph 6:5-9)
  8. Repelling the Attack of Satan: The Believer's Conduct Amid Warfare (Eph 6:10-20)
The Scriptures and the Spade (291 MB)
  • The Adventure of Archeology: Its Purpose and Promise
  • The Amazing Advances of Archeology: Its Development and Discoveries
  • The Garden of Eden: Its Historicity and Locality
  • The Ark, Ararat & Archeology: Recent Research and the Ararat Anomaly
  • Ebla: The Discovery of a Lost Empire
  • The Dead Sea: Its Mysterious Past and Magnificient Future
  • The Enigmas of Egypt: Perplexing Problems in the Story of Joseph
  • The Strange Route of the Exodus: Puzzling Path by Divine Design
  • The Tale of Three Cities: Hazor, Megiddo and Gezer
  • Qumran: Its Startling Secrets and Sacred Scrolls
  • Remarkable Discoveries in the Light of Recent Denials
  • Recent Archeological Discoveries: A Field Day for Fundamentalists
  • A Dozen Dramatic Discoveries: Discoveries of the Decade

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