Do You Think America Will Survive Until the Rapture?

Manfred E. Kober, Th.D.

While our nation is not mentioned specifically in prophecy, we may nevertheless infer God’s destiny for the USA by contemplating the course of our country. There appear to be some discernible reasons why God has raised our country and will most likely preserve it until the rapture. Consider the following unique efforts of the United States of America.

1. The United States promotes missionary activity.

We saw that the very first settlers testified that they came here as the Mayflower Compact states, “for the glory of God, and the advancement of the Christian faith.” In the New England confederation of 1643, the uniform testimony is “whereas we all came into these parts of America with one and the same end, namely, to advance the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and enjoy the liberties of the gospel in purity with peace.”

God has honored America for its missionary efforts. God needs a lighthouse for the world’s unsaved right until the rapture, after which the 144,000 witnesses will be ministering.

2. America protects the chosen people.

Ever since Roger Williams encouraged the persecuted Jews of Europe to settle in his colony, America has been a refuge for Jews. Of the world’s 17 million Jewish people, 7 million live in the USA. With our national efforts the modern state of Israel was established. Its continuation has been assured by the consistent support of the USA. God promises to bless those who would bless Israel (Gen. 12:3). God is blessing us and will bless us because of our special relationship to His special people. After the rapture, when our country becomes anti-Semitic (Matt. 24:9), Antichrist will sign a treaty of protection with Israel. Until then it seems to be God’s design for America to help Israel.

3. America provides a home for the politically and religiously persecuted all around the world.

The Statue of Liberty best represents one aspect of America which appears to point toward our destiny as a home for the world’s oppressed. It may well be that God has raised the USA in part to be a “Mother of Exiles.” Such a refugee nation appears to be needed until the rapture.

God will not let America’s sins go unpunished. But the well-deserved and long-delayed judgment will not come until the righteous have been removed. As He removed Noah and his family before He brought the flood and as He removed righteous Lot before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, so God will remove the believers through the rapture before He sends His judgment upon the earth, including our beloved nation.

4. America projects global stability.

It seems to be God’s providential design for America to serve as a steadying force in the world, both economically and militarily. Even the New York Times admits that “the American economy is acting as a steadying force in volatile world” (1/7/16). While our Founding Fathers argued for isolationism, the two world wars imposed on the USA a role of intervention which it did not seek, to save Europe from a calamitous, indeed catastrophic condition. America’s unique role in the world can be easily demonstrated.

As Dennis Prager observes in National Review (9/17/13), in an article entitled “Yes, We are the World’s Policeman” “U.S. troops around the world are the greatest preserver of liberty and peace . . . America’s strength and willingness to use it has been the greatest force in history to liberty and world stability.”

Prager correctly stresses that the world needs a policeman to curtail economic disruption, social chaos and the violent death of innocent people If the USA were not functioning in this role the only possible alternative at the present moment would be a) No one b) Russia c) China d) Iran e) the United Nations. Dinesh D’Souza, in his superb volume, America – Imagine the World Without Her, comes to a similar conclusion.

In God’s providence the USA plays that role, however imperfectly. We have the most vibrant economy and the most formidable military. It is impossible to imagine what the world situation would be like without America’s protective presence. And one can only surmise that after the rapture, with the sudden disappearance of all believers, chaos and consternation will reign until Antichrist consolidates his empire. He, in turn, will be replaced by the Davidic Messiah whose world-wide kingdom of peace and righteousness has no end.

© Manfred E Kober

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