What Changes Does the Bible Predict for This Planet?
Manfred E. Kober, Th.D.

With the dire predictions of men, concerns such as global warming occupy our minds. It is time to see what God says about the future.

A close examination of the biblical predictions affords a bad-news-good-news scenario. In the last issue we looked at the bad news. In this issue we will examine the good news.

II. Changes in the Millennium-the Good News

A. Topographical Changes.

With the return of the King a series of dramatic changes take place in Israel and presumably around the world. These changes involve a deep eat-west valley in the Mt. of Olives (Zech. 14:4) and an elevation of Israel's central mountain range into a plateau. Positioning Jerusalem as the world's capital above the surrounding area Zech. 14:10-11). Due to these cataclysmic changes, many familiar biblical sites will vanish. If you have always harbored the wish to visit Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Bethany and Shiloh, better visit Israel now (with us?) before these places in the Holy Land either vanish or are changed beyond recognition!

In the Millennial Kingdom people will flock to Jerusalem which “is exalted above the hills” (Mic. 4:1). Leading up to it is a splendid new highway for the worshippers (Is. 11:16; 35:8).

B. The Lifting of the Curse.

The curse will be lifted from nature and the animals (Is. 11:6-9; 33:24; 65:25). Seasonal rains will be restored (Joel 2:23) and a new river, emanating from the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem, will bring abundant life to the formidable Judean desert and the Dead Sea (Joel 3:18; Zech. 14:8; Ez. 47). In fact, all the desert areas of the earth will be healed (Is. 35:6) as waters gush forth in the wilderness and streams in the desert.

In stark contrast to the drought and devastation of the tribulation period, this extreme fruition of nature will afford multiple harvests each year (Amos 9:13-15). Human longevity will increase (Is. 65:20).

The Lord reigning from Jerusalem is not simply the source of spiritual but of physical life as well. How wonderful to know this Lord as Savior and to anticipate with Isaiah the end of “sorrow and sighing”, so characteristic of our earthly existence and to await a glorious future when we worship with “songs and everlasting joy. . . and gladness” (Is. 35:10) in the presence of the Prince of Peace!

© Manfred E Kober
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