Do You See Any Signs of the Rapture Happening Soon?

Manfred E. Kober, Th.D.

Featuring a question from the Prophecy Survival Guide book and video with Dr John Walvoord, Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost, Dr. Randall Price, and Dr. Manfred E. Kober answering End Times questions.

Do you see signs of the rapture happening soon?

Dr. Kober

“There are no signs for the rapture, actually, but signs that relate to the period following the rapture, the tribulation. Israel will be back in the land, there will be a one-world apostate church and a one-world government. Present developments in these areas are signs pointing ahead to the tribulation period.”

Dr. Pentecost

“The rapture is a signless, timeless event. That meant that believers in every day had the same ‘Blessed Hope’ that they could be translated out of the earthly sphere, caught up into the presence of our Lord. The events that are given in Scripture to herald the approach of the Second Advent were God’s gracious opportunity given to unbelievers to turn in faith to Jesus Christ, for at His Second Advent Jesus Christ is coming as Judge. And to meet Him in judgment means to be consigned to an eternity apart from Christ. Therefore God gives them an opportunity by signs preceding the advent to turn in faith to Him.”

Dr. Walvoord

“...because the rapture is imminent, by its nature, it can’t have signs, because it is going to come at any time. But there is a question, because 2000 years have elapsed since Christ made that prediction. How soon will the rapture occur? And the fact is that the Bible doesn’t give us a specific answer. But it does describe in great detail the events that will follow the rapture: the great tribulation and the things that precede that, and the changes in Israel, the nations and the Church, all of which are going to take place at the end times. And also the revival of the Roman Empire will occur. Now all of these things re in a movement stage. The last 50 years have seen tremendous changes, all of which seem to point to the conclusion that the stage is all set for the rapture and the events that will follow…and the rapture could be very soon.”

© Manfred E Kober

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